Have great vintage you want to sell?

  •  Vintage (early Y2K, late 90s or earlier)

  • Freshly Laundered

  • Undamaged and Wearable (no holes, stains or general damaging)

  • Appropriate for the Current Weather Season

  • Compliments the style of the SUB ROSA brand

First, our buyer will price the items we would like for the store and then you choose either 50% in store credit or 25% in cash/cheque of that retail price!

To sell, you must be at least 18 years of age with valid ID. The 50% trade option is the better deal for those in search of a bargain, is open to all ages and the credit note lasts for one year.

Please note there is no guarantee we will accept any or all of the presented items for BST; all assessment pricing is FINAL; and all BST transactions are FINAL

We try to do all BUY/SELL/TRADE on the spot but since we process multiple sellers per day and the assessment process takes time, you may choose to leave your items with us to be inspected and priced. Due to the high volume of incoming product, please allow for up to 5 days for the assessment process. Once your items have been appraised, you will be immediately notified by telephone or text message. IMPORTANT: You must come in to claim your items within FIVE DAYS OF BEING CALLED or else we will donate them to charity. After 5 days we consider your items abandoned.  No exceptions!


Trading and selling is great way to keep unwanted clothing out of landfill and money in your pocket!  

GO GREEN! TRADE! buy sustainably, BUY VINTAGE!


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Now buying Fall/winter

No Spring/ Summer items will be considered.